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Baseball Backstop Netting and Baseball Batting Cage Nets: Sewn in Borders vs. Regular Rope Borders. Sewn in borders are rope borders that are run in and out of each mesh and then hand stitched to the net. Regular rope borders are rope borders that are run in and out of each mesh and then sewn in the corners. Either way, the borders will last a long time and will not come undone. Our 100% Twisted Knotted nylon, uv treated/weather protected netting for baseball which is made in America has the highest standard of quality on the market. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the treatment on our nets provides a durability that outlasts any net on the market. All our heavy duty nylon baseball batting cage or backstop nets are hung on the square with a mesh size of 1-3/4" and come finished with a rope border for easy installation.

Nets of America has taken twelve years of experience and over 70 trade shows in the industry researching what each and every netting firm in our country offers. Believe us when we tell you that no one can compete in two vital areas with our company, price and quality. Take a chance with us, our reputation will not allow to disappoint. Come see why our nylon netting is still being used by our customers north of eight years.

Below, the listings for our Custom Baseball Batting Cage Nets and Custom Baseball Backstop Netting indicates the most popular net material sizes (#18, #21, #36- a little more than half the thickness of a pencil, #42, #48 & #60- thickness of a pencil) Nets of America Inc. can make any shape or size baseball backstop or batting cage net. Our speciality is tackling the hard to do, odd jobs that other companies do not even bother doing, and we do it for you without breaking the bank. We offer a square mesh netting in sizes 18, 21, 24, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72 and 96.


Gauge Lb. Test Color Warranty
#18 194 lb. Black 3 years
#21 245 lb. Black 3 years
#36 365 lb. Black, Green, White 5 years
#42 435 lb. Black 5 years
#48 485 lb. Black 6 years
#60 695 lb. Black 7 years
#72 850 lb. Black 8 years
#96 1112 lb. Black 9 years


Gauge Lb. Test Color Warranty
#36 295 lb. Black 3 years
#42 330 lb. Black 3 years
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