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HDPE Netting vs. Nylon Nets

HDPE Netting vs. Nylon Nets When buying sports netting, whether it is for baseball batting cage nets, baseball backstop netting, golf nets, lacrosse backstop nets, soccer backstop netting, etc., it is important to educate yourself with what you are getting. There are many materials of netting out on the market and everyone spins their material to make it better. Lets face it, it is because they want to sell the inventory they invested their money into. We will compare the two top options on the sport netting market, HDPE vs. Nylon. First lets get to the basics of what each material is comprised of. Lets start with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE is a fancy name for a product that is derived of plastic. Although it has a large strength to density ratio, HDPE in netting will not hold up to extreme persistent weather elements including heat, dryness or snow. It has a burning point of 248 degrees F. Typically HDPE is used in plastic bottles, corrosion resistant piping and plastic lumber. By putting treatment on a HDPE or poly material, it is sort of similar to putting a breathing tube on a person who has lost any power. You are basically keeping the death of the poly net prolonged for a few more months. Nylon netting is used in clothes fabric, bridal veils, package paper, carpets, musical strings and rope to name a few things. It has a melting point of anywhere from 374-664 degree F. Nylon is also a softer and easier product to work with the hands when finished. Now that we have the principles of what each material consists of, we can now move onto why nylon netting is the ideal choice for batting cage nets, backstop netting, soccer backstop netting and golf nets. So you have a Major League, college, high school or little league facility that requires netting replacement. Not knowing anything, you do the research online and find HDPE, which states High Density! And then you see Nylon. High Density sounds catchy and the pricing may be eye catching but as we all know, the cost of the Yugo was also eye catching. Too bad the Yugo would only last a few years. It is just a no brainer. Everyone wants to buy custom netting for his or her baseball, softball, soccer lacrosse or golf course that is of good quality and very affordable. It is true that you pay for what you get. But what if there exists a company that offers quality custom sports netting cheaper than the HDPE!!. It is a win for all parties involved. Nets of America Inc. stands behind their 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon netting and will not be beat on the price of a custom built batting cage, backstop net or odd shape net. Give them a shot. You will not be disappointed. Lastly, could you all imagine if we lived in a world where all our clothes were made of plastic (HDPE)? Scary! Imagine it in the south where the summer months hit over 100 degrees. IF you would not wear plastic in the heat, why leave your backstop net or batting cage net out there also that is plastic. Do your organization a favor and call Nets of America Inc. for the best prices of quality nylon nets in the country.
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